Potential For New Jobs

Millions of Jobs from Natural Gas — And More Possible!

study conducted by the highly respected firm ICF International, released in December  2008, reported that America’s vast domestic oil and natural gas resources could generate more than $1.7 trillion in government revenue, create an additional 160,000 new jobs and enhance the nation’s energy security by significantly boosting domestic production — if Congress will allow it.

To get $1.7 trillion into the U.S. government coffers, America’s political leaders need the foresight to allow more safe resource development of America’s coastal areas, as well as allowing more environmentally responsible access in Alaska and a small portion of currently unavailable federal lands in the Rockies.

If responsible development is permitted in areas now off limits, domestic U.S. natural gas production would rise by 10% and U.S. crude oil production would increase by 36% in the next 20 years.